Frequently asked questions

Where can I see the products on sale?

The 'ready-made' products can be found on the Gallery page, with the "On Sale" label.
Alternatively you can request products that are not available, but that you find used in our bicycles, by sending us a request via email, whatsapp or using the dedicated form.

How can I buy Chiossi Cycles products ?

After identifying what you would like, just contact us by email, whatsapp or with the appropriate form, writing the product you are interested in purchasing, and in which country we will have to ship. In a short time we will confirm the availability or supply times, the total price and any other necessary information.

Do you also ship Chiossi Cycles products to my country ?

Yes of course.
Only in rare situations are we unable to ship bicycles or our components anywhere.
Write us indicating the country in which you want to receive the material and we will quickly let you know the times, any supplements and in general the characteristics of the shipments?

Do you also sell components that I have seen mounted on your bicycles but that I cannot find for sale ?

Of course...!
You can ask us for any component or accessory that you see mounted on our bicycles, by browsing our gallery or any other resource on the web.
By taking advantage of our knowledge of the market and our contacts, you can also ask us for products that you do not see on our bicycles, but that you have seen elsewhere without knowing how to recover them.
We will help you. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not.
But we do everything we can.

Can I ask you if you can recover products that I can't find on the web ?

Yes. As already said, we are at your disposal, with our experience and our contacts, to look for components of current or past production, which will allow you to complete your bicycle.
Do not hesitate to ask us for any request for components.
We will be happy to put you at your disposal.

I would like to modify my bicycle inspired by a Chiossi Cycles.
Can I write to you for aesthetic or technical advice without buying anything ?

Of course, also in this case we are at your disposal for opinions and / or advice regarding aesthetic or constructive choices.
We like beautiful bicycles and we work without limits in this direction.

Why should I buy a Chiossi Cycles product?

We have been in the world of cycling since 1942, or three generations.
We satisfied many fans: in the early years locally and for a decade throughout the world.
We are using this new way of communicating, but we do not want to lose the habit of communicating: for this reason we invite you to write to us, ask us questions, to ask us.
This allows us to make ourselves known and also to improve.
Because as we always say, 'the product is only a small part of itself'.

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